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With a maximum runtime of five and a half hours, this option has a fairly impressive battery life as well. The Sportneer Percussion Massage Gun is our top pick for those seeking a more affordable unit geared towards pleasure massage versus professional-level treatment. The integrated battery features 3 hours of runtime – once again, not too shabby for such a minimally designed, compact unit.

This accelerates muscle recovery and helps relieve post-workout soreness and stiffness or, conversely, can help loosen up cold muscles before you exercise. These devices work similar to other forms of soft tissue manipulations, such as deep tissue massage. A variety of attachments can be used with the device in order to target different regions or muscle sizes.

“The first models were basically repurposed jigsaws,” says Tom Pepe, CEO of TimTam, one of the top players in the industry. But recently, manufacturers have refined them in response to the burgeoning demand for fancy recovery tools (think knobby foam rollers, cryotherapy, and e-stim). “We started in 2016, with 500 units, and we sold them out, to 30 countries in 40 days,” says Pepe.

There’s a charger and carry case provided but lugging it about is a pain, making it best suited to professional gyms where it can stay put. For just shy of £100, this lean, mean machine is a great value buy. You get five heads for your buck, all of which massage to excellent effect, pain-free. Choose from five speeds, but expect the handle to vibrate like mad at full power. The six-hour battery life is top-class and we like that it comes with a USB charging cable for on-the-go refuels. The carry case is handy and the instructions are largely useful, but the translation from Chinese is dodgy in parts.

“The Hypervolt Plus doesn’t emit that loud noise, but does help my muscles.” This is a high-quality massage gun that features 6-speed settings that offer up to 2400 strokes in each minute. Unlike other similar products that feel like they are only vibrating, this massage gun gives you a real percussion experience. It also comes with a double bearing transmission which facilitates low noise operation and high power for the best recovery experience. With the quiet glide noise reduction technology that the product features, you can use it in the office, home or in the gym. It also comes with an adjustable intensity which you can regulate using the 4-speed strength settings that it is equipped with.

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The massage gun gives you relief against muscle soreness and stiffness. As a result, it improves the overall health of your body, maximizes blood pressure and works great at reducing inflammation and boosting recovery. This is a multifunctional and powerful massage gun that you will find on the market in 2021.

The first thing that stood out to me, especially in comparison to the Theragun, was how quiet the Hypervolt is, despite its power. At max speed, this machine is faster than the Theragun—3,200 PPM versus the max of Theragun’s 2,400 PPM—but my muscles didn’t feel like they experienced any more force. Even though it only has three speed settings , each one hit on every amount of force I needed for recovery. Most massage guns we tested came with a few different attachments. While some had more than others, they all had some standard ones included. The most common attachment is the dampener, which looks a little flatter than a ball.

The best massage gun for you depends on a lot of things — your unique body, your recovery needs and your budget. Therabody makes the best massage guns, they’re most known for their Theragun collection. However, their guns tend to be expensive, so we’ve provided a list of more affordable alternatives here.

The Sonic LX, however, comes with 10 different attachment heads, whereas the VYBE pro includes 5. If money is no object in your quest to buy a massage gun then go with the Theragun Pro. This is a major flaw as you need different shape heads to effectively release different parts of the body. One delivers shorter, faster pulses for warming up your muscles before a workout. The second setting is for after a workout, with slower but longer pulses to penetrate muscle tissue and flush out lactic acid in sore muscles. The TriggerPoint Impact massage gun, which is mainly designed with athletes in mind, has 2 percussion settings.

If you think a standard percussion massager with a long handle is more for you, check out my post on the best handheld percussion massagers. But before that it’s important to know a couple of things about massage guns before you make your final choice. Easily target any muscle group to change your warm-up and recovery time. More suitable for sensitive muscle groups and soft tissue relaxation. Though it only comes with a single removable battery that lasts around an hour, the TimTam Power Massager also comes with an AC charging stand and has extra batteries available for purchase.

The term itself sounds intimidating, however these devices have become a stable part of the warm-up and recovery repertoire of athletes, therapists, and chiropractors. Global massage guns market was valued at US$ 242.63 million in 2018 and is anticipated to reach US$ 561.37 million, growing at an estimated CAGR of 9.8% over the forecast period. While massage guns make for an efficient way to reduce pain and relieve tension, sometimes it’s better to go old school and go analog. Whether you need to hit more muscles at once or you simply need something that’s better for your budget, be sure to check out our guide to the best foam rollers.

For sheer power, it’s tied with the Theragun G3 Pro, providing up to 60 lbs of pressure at 2,400 cycles per minute, with a long 16 mm stroke length for better, deeper penetration. To this purpose, it comes with two different three-headed, soft attachments for general massage, as well as a curved accessory that works well on calves and biceps. Two ball type massage heads made of hard plastic allow you to perform more targeted treatments and get to work deeper under the skin. In some ways the opposite of the Vybe and Theragun, the Opove M3 Pro is less powerful but far more versatile. If you’re intrigued by the health benefits percussion massage devices offer but don’t really know where to begin, this is a good starting point.

There are some drawbacks to it, but its ability to give you an effective deep-tissue massage without a masseuse is what makes it a great buy regardless. Thicker and larger muscles may require something with a smaller surface area etc. But the biggest factor to look out for is the variations and quality of the attachment heads. For the sake of simplicity I like to divide ‘percussion massagers’ into two categories according to their design. I’ve tried a lot and have now learnt what to look out for when choosing a good massage gun.

The device was invented after Werseland suffered from a herniated disc and back pain after a motorcycle accident. The device Werseland created came to be known as the TheraGun G1 professional muscle massager and was the flagship product behind the TheraGun company. Since the TheraGun, there have been many other companies to release similar products and the evolution of these devices has continued to improve.