Vybe V2 Massage Gun Review

It’s a bold claim, but then it truly is titchy, weighing in at under a kilogram. That means you can reasonable carry it around with you at the gym, tucked away in your pocket, ready to iron out muscle complaints before and after work-outs. You’ve got four speeds and four heads, and the machine itself is made from aero grade aluminium alloy, which helps to keep down noise and disperse heat. Combined with the six hour battery life and reasonable price, the MyoLite is a perfect option for casual gym goers, and a good additional device for long-time users who want an on-the-go option. Well, they’re designed to combat muscle soreness and aid recovery.

The cheapest Rybozen massager seems disappointingly shallow next to the other two, and ends up feeling relatively weak at comparable speeds. That said, I used this gun for several weeks before the others arrived, and still found it a useful tool for recovery. Every percussion massager comes with a variety of different interchangeable massage gun tips or attachments. If you’re a little confused as to how to use the massage gun attachments, let us clear it up. The head of the massage gun is delivering micro traumas to the body with every percussion. Short term, yes, it improves blood flow, increases circulation, and knocks out tightness.

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We have a variety of foam and hand rollers, tens units and deep tissue leverage devices along with the requisite hot and cold packs, all of which see a good deal of use. I’d been eyeing a percussion massager for a while and TaoTronics came through with their aptly named Massage Gun in need of a review. We don’t know who needs to hear this, but percussive therapy isn’t a fix-all. At-home percussive therapy can help you squeeze a half-hour deep tissue massage into five minutes by using your muscles as a punching bag. With a 10mm stroke length, you are able to reach deep into the muscle tissue during your massage to bring out the nutrients that are needed to repair your muscles for a faster recovery. The iReliev Percussion Massage Gun is a simple device to use and enjoy.

This might contribute to you getting better sleep, which can have big payoffs in terms of supporting overall health. A massage gun is a muscle recovery tool that offers percussive or vibration therapy. These guns look like small handheld drills and can be spotted in people’s gym bags, at physical therapy or chiropractic offices, and among athletes who use them before and after training sessions. The biggest benefit is increased blood flow and instant muscle relief.

They pull straight out and push in without any locks, buttons or fuss. For a bit we were all using theSpherical Head as it’s pretty universal, but I ended up favoring the Flat Head as it has a wider surface area and also slides better on top of clothing. Open up the box, grab the charger and top off the battery before using the first time. My review unit was really close to full so it was ready to go quickly.

In terms of product specifications, I completely expected Theragun to take the cake and be the clear winner, simply because it’s priced at 50% more than the Hypervolt. Both Hypervolt Plus and Theragun PRO have bluetooth apps that help you more effectively use the product. Theragun comes with a protective carrying case as well as a travel pouch. And lastly before we begin, I want to acknowledge that both companies have multiple products, we’re simply comparing the flagship options.