A failure sludge filter machine can be repaired?

Failed sludge filter machine can be repaired

The sludge filter machine has failed in use, especially when sludge pressure filtration After using a lot of time, the machine has been used to recover the sludge filter machine to reduce our economic loss and make our operating costs lower. However, the sludge filter machine that is too large and cannot be repaired is unable to use. So, what is damaged, a faultless sludge filter machine can be repaired? Here, first introduce you two, I hope to help everyone: a case is a sludge filter machine rack Damage, the rack of the general sludge filter machine is relatively strong, so there is a problem that the problem is not to rank, and the rack should be replaced in time to avoid the occurrence of the sludge filter machine. Dangerous, then the consequences are very serious.

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al, as long as you have a careful observation and replacement. If you have problems with the sludge filter press filter chamber, the filtering process cannot be done normally, the filter station is scrapped, and the reason for the remarks first. For example, when the problem occurs in the filter plate pressure, the pressure does not lower, the pressure is severely exceeded, and the machine oil leakage can cause the problem because the sludge filter machine oil line is reversed, so that the single electromagnetic valve occur Damage, the seal has a non-normal wear, and the sludge filter machine is required in time, so it does not need to replace the new sludge filter machine. Generally only recycled can only be recovered if the sludge filter machine is faulty or damaged. If it is damaged or the fault is too large, it should be scrapped.

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