Membrane switches with LEDs are still the most popular and economical method for keyboard backlighting

A combination of LEDs, Light Guide Film and proprietary CSI backlighting methods can be designed to backlight the entire surface of a user interface. This membrane switch keypad is an interface between the machine and the user.

In simple terms, to create a membrane keypad we’re basically adhering a printedoverlay panel over a flexible printed circuit. Other technologies such as Led’s, Antennas, capacitive sensors can also be incorporated into the assembly. All technologies must be incorporated without lumpiness to the appearance of the membrane switch assembly. Membrane switches and keypads are a fully customisable solutions for Human – Machine Interface requirements. Each product we design and manufacture is unique and has its own requirement regarding environmental, mechanical, electrical and physical appearance properties. With our decades of experience, Sun Industries is able to help you through the specification process to make sure your products HMI solution is suited perfectly.

Membrane keypad

A membrane keypad is an addition of thin layers of printed plastic and adhesive layers. This structure of layers may vary in each project; it depends on the application and requested features. Formed in May 1995, The Membrane Keyboard Company Ltd supply innovative and custom HMI solutions into a diverse range of market sectors. We take pride in manufacturing and supplying bespoke products which meet our customers exact technical, functional and ergonomic needs. Manufacture of Membrane keyboards, silicone rubber keypads, rRubber parts, relative products.

Moreover, they got damage because moisture and liquid penetrated into their holes or lines. But the latest membrane keypads are an ideal alternative to those old and hardware keypads. The latest membrane keypads have designed by using polycarbonate film on their surfaces. Several other keypads usually contain plastic pieces and copper for conductivity. Furthermore, these keyboards go on the front of devices where you can easily access them. Only Pannam has SimTouch®, a unique technology for continuous action membrane switches with scrolling and sliding features that simulate capacitive touch switches.

There are an unlimited range of graphic possibilities and colours all controlled by our photo spectrometer colour matching systems that will ensure colours are to tolerance and consistent during production runs. Next, below the graphic overlay, are adhesive layers and a spacer layer to bond the circuit to the graphic overlay. Conductive inks are applied through a silk screen-printing process. In some cases, the membrane switch requires additional insulating layers made of non-conductive materials to prevent short-circuits. To complete the switch, an additional adhesive layer is used on the rear of the circuit to bond it to the bezel or substrate.

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The first layer contains the graphic interface for the user to control the machine. Another layer will contain the printed circuit which allows a signal to be transmitted. The ink that is used for the printing on the circuit is generally made up of a variety of metals. 28 keys compact format IP65 dynamic membrane industrial keypad with industrial metal dome PCB electronics controller protected and shielded by stainless steel housing, industrial metal dome PCB with gold-on-gold … Antibacterial Membrane Switches – In medical and healthcare industry, it has super high requirement for the membrane keypads and m… We are a system supplier for components and your professional partner in the field of cable assembly, switch assembly and component assembly.

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