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At the same time of providing personalized service for customers, we customize suitable and competitive supporting membrane switches for them. This custom membrane keypad is not only low cost but also extremely reliable and lighter than a PCB. Using insulating thin material as carrier, Membrane Switch integrates function keys, indicator panel and electronic components. Being pressed, the liên hệ of the upper circuit is deformed downward to conduct with the electrode plate of the lower circuit.

Membrane switches with LEDs are still the most popular and economical method for keyboard backlighting. A combination of LEDs, Light Guide Film and proprietary CSI backlighting methods can be designed to backlight the entire surface of a user interface. This membrane switch keypad is an interface between the machine and the user.

Series is a new added version to the EOZ product line of solutions and components. M.series measures only 8 milimet thick and offers the the same line of versatility and flexibility as its big brother but with comparative a reduced … The K-tronic KT-17-T-35 is a membrane keyboard suitable for use on desktop PC’s.

What Is The Membrane Panel

Membrane keyboard without embossing – with integrated LEDs recessed on a carrier part is supplied to the customer complete with … The guarantee of the high quality membrane switch is the basic source of our trust. HuaiSong Industrial has become a human-machine interface products manufacturer since năm 2016.

Other electronic components can be implemented, as well, such as discrete LEDs, backlighting sources, and connectors that make membrane switches easy to integrate into other systems or devices. Due to the cost advantage of the new-type environment-friendly materials, the membrane switch is cheaper than PCB switch, silica gel keyboard assembly and capacitive touch keyboard. A wide range of options are available to ensure that the switch membrane is tailored to your exact requirements, from tactile feedback of the membrane switches to encapsulated components. If we peep in the decade of 1980, we will find that at first membrane keypads were not as reliable as they are currently.

SCHURTER has been a leader in the design and manufacture of membrane switches since the introduction of the membrane keypad technology was first introduced in the late 1970’s. A membrane switch incorporatingembossing, metal tactile domes and transparent sections for backlighting illuminationis fitted into the machined section of the screen printed acrylic panel. A Membrane switch consists of two polyester films screen printed with conductive ink to complete the circuit.

In addition to this, we offer this keypad in diverse sizes and specifications at most affordable rates. Flexible Membrane Keypads are precisely designed and manufactured by our deft professionals possessing wide knowledge in their concern area. CSI Keyboards utilizes the top of the line adhesives in our membrane switches specially formulated to provide high bond strength to surfaces.

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