The MTS 100k dynamic actuator allows the Carleton Lab to create specific testing setups

for specimens that are of unusual configuration and cannot be placed within one of our other testing frames. It can output 100 kips of force in both tension and compression. The MTS 6612 Axial-Torsion Universal Testing Machine is capable of performing dynamic testing in simultaneous axial/torsion loading regime with independent control commands and tuning parameters. The hydraulic-driven crosshead and multipurpose active hydraulic wedge grips allow the machine to be reconfigured for various tests within minutes.

These systems are typically used on a benchtop and their loading capacities can range from several ounces to about 1,000 lbs. Virtually every single column machine is electromechanical and uses a small servo-electric motor for both power and control. You will need to use a dual column machine or else risk bending the machine. Worldwide, we offer testing machine solutions across a wide range of applications. Over 67 years, FIE’s machines are well-known for reliable test results, exceptional build quality and low operating expenses. This universal testing machine is usually driven by a variable frequency motor or a stepper motor.

Compression Testing Machine

The UltraTester machine is designed to be used with the Ultradent Shear Bond Test Method. This method uses a mold and clamp to create consistent cylindrical specimens that can be tested with the notched crosshead provided. The notched crosshead’s unique geometry allows only a small portion of the crosshead to tương tác the adherend, which minimizes difficulty in positioning the crosshead directly above the bonded surface.

The easiness to use is considered as the first for the design of the display and the operation switch consolidated in a front operation panel. Also the data analysis and summarize can be proceeded on PC by data processing software. Used to analyze the elastic rate, bearing rate and strength of the material and the products. Also Used to evaluate the product break-down test and the quality of the assembly on the process.

Many newer machines have a computer interface for analysis and printing. IIII Benefits for FreeStyle Libre 2 sensors apply to two FreeStyle Libre 2 sensors per month. Benefits for FreeStyle Libre 2 reader apply to one FreeStyle Libre 2 reader. Abbott may modify, rescind, or revoke these benefits at any time without notice.

Vertex compression testing with full load testing without impact or blows on tubes and preformed parts made of concrete, steel-fibre concrete and reinforced concrete with test frames specially designed for the purpose. The trend for low wall thicknesses with simultaneously high loads means that the components have to fulfil extreme requirements with regard to load capacity and mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa. The test software evalu – ates the test results and creates all the necessary standard- specific test reports. The vertex compression force can also be determined at any time on other types of materials using the available systems.

This practice needs to be changed to ensure overall quality in coating production. The lack of knowledge and standardisation in quality testing can not only affect long time performance and production but can also cost the brand its reputation. Hence, it is very important that new-age technology is implemented in corrosion testing and introduce a new path to precision testing. The Testing Equipment unit of FMI presents a detailed and factual analysis of the testing equipment industry. This exhaustive study covers the manufacturing, production, packaging, retailing, and distribution channels to sub-sectors, supply-demand-trade assessment, and relevant advancements occurring in the testing equipment industry.

A versatile test machine, that with optional ancillaries, allows a range of destructive and non destructive material tests to be completed. Their measurement equipment is precise and their quality and design reflect just how well the do things at Hoytom. We can provide solutions for any sector, including automotive, aeronautical, metal, paper and cardboard, plastics and wood companies, amongst others. Our calibration laboratory offers verification and calibration services. We offer training courses to interested companies, universities, institutes or groups.

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