Vacuum Lifting Systems

Our service engineers have a wealth of experience to support you with continuous training and assurance of your equipment. n fact, our solutions are both designed and manufactured by our team of experts at Advanced Handling HQ, a purpose-built, state-of-the-art building in Peterborough. Ideal way to start with the suction system if you are looking to install large step treads using an excavator. Just add the pad size that will work best for the product you are picking.

The Universal Air Knife Mounting System can be articulated into any position and provides a maximum extension of 30″ . A 1/2″ diameter through hole or a 1/2″-13 tapped hole is required for mounting. The Full-Flow Air Knife borrows engineering elements from our original standard air knife with the added benefit of an airflow across its entire length. They also provide the smallest footprint of our air knife line when mounting space is tight and cramped. These are a low cost choice and are available from stock 3” to 36” long and made from aluminum or 303SS.

Jones Pipeline Services, part of Jones Companies, has been honing its pipe handling tradecraft with vacuum lifters since the company’s foundation in 2011. The large range of products found in this section reflects the diversity of transport requirements that need to be met in the day-to-day handling of glass. Lifting and transporting devices that have been specially developed for the glass trade make this work easier. Safe transportation of glass is a basic requirement for the user and a main priority during development for Bohle, whether for relatively simple manual lifters or sophisticated, electrically driven lifting systems. Our vacuum lifting attachments for machines can often be found as the backbone of hardscaping and civil projects. Our vacuum lifting products are ideal for installing or replacing both concrete and natural stone materials.

Installation is more straight forward, and these cranes are also easier to relocate in the future. With ceiling mounted bridge cranes, supporting steel does not interfere with the handling operation. Ceiling mounted systems require a building with an adequate overhead structure to hang the crane. Taylor Material Handling & Conveyor offers a Gorbel, Cleveland Tramrail, and Demag bridge cranes, as an authorized distributor/dealer. For this product, one or two suction plates can be mounted, fixed or tilting at 90° or 180°; on the handle of the vacuum lifter for wood there are the controls that allow gripping and release of the material. Elephant’s standard vacuum lifters for sheet metal use the vacuum of a vacuum generator to quickly and easily move sheets weighing between 125 kg and 2000 kg.

vacuum lifting device

The vacuum lifting system can liberate the operator from the work-piece loading operation. Through the use of these vacuum equipment, the designed process can be more efficient and ergonomic, and the operator can be avoided from damage caused by long-term handling. In general, lifting equipment uses a vacuum system to assist manual lifting operations, freeing individuals from heavy loads.

Older workers suffer from chronic backache and few of the younger ones will avoid such a work. We offer customized solutions along with standard offerings such as high-frequency, multi-functional, and stainless steel. Shop compressed air is the simplest and most cost effective way of powering your Vaclift. Compressed air supply from a compressor via an air line to the unit gives unlimited lifts and movements.

A vacuum lifting attachment also utilises the creation of a vacuum via the suction pads for attaching itself to the load being lifted. It can be a single suction pad as well as multiple suction pads. The attachment incorporates a number of suction pads that fit directly onto the surface of the load thus enabling a vacuum to be created between the suction pads and the load.

To learn about our returns policy, please visit our Shipping and Returns page for the full details. Working with ease is about combining smart, flexible and innovative solutions based on customers’ needs and the infrastructure’s physical conditions. Completion of the Vaculex is only the beginning – we want to assure end user happiness among all stakeholders with uplifting airport solution. For us a continuous high level of usage of your Vaculex equipment is crucial.

Freight Solutions already had the trucks, trailers and knowhow required to handle wide-diameter pipe, from unloading off water to stacking in laydown yards and delivering to the right-of-way. Now it had decided to take the entire pipe unloading and loading operation in-house, as opposed to outsourcing such activities. Freight Solutions, based in Houston, Texas, has become well versed in pipe handling over the past eight years. The company, founded by Joseph Andrews in 2012, covers a wide variety of terrain with a North American footprint extending throughout the continental United States and Canada. At first, the company considered switching to a conventional hoisting application that relied on a crane, hooks and a 10-person gang. Allen Warriner, General Manager of Coastal Marine, said the company had been engaged with a rather complex method of offloading the pipe from a barge using a lattice boom crane.